Nike vs. Vans, which is the best?


photo by Sheila Moore

The Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Essential Icon Clash and white/black checkered Vans are both versatile and comfortable shoes. However, only one pair is the best shoe.

I have around 30 shoes in my closet, and I want to say I love all of them equally. However, I only wear about two regularly, and those are my favorites. Those two pairs are red Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Essential Icon Clash and slip-on white/black checkered Vans. So which pair is my actual favorite?

My Air Force 1s were gifted to me on Christmas, and the first thing I noticed was how eye-catching the red leather was. When I first put them on and wore them around, I noticed how comfortable they actually were. I fractured my foot a couple of years ago, so it is hard for me to find a shoe that doesn’t make my foot ache after a period of time. The appearance of the shoe itself is bright red with gold accents and a white sole. The gold makes up the outside of the Nike swish, the Nike Air on the tongue and an Air Force 1 emblem on the shoelaces. If you want a bold eye-catching shoe that is comfortable, these are the shoes for you.

I would rate the Nike Air Force 1s as a 7 out of 10.

My Vans I bought last summer and absolutely love them. I wear them with any type of style choice- classy, casual, comfy. They are versatile in style and extremely comfortable once broken in. The shoe’s appearance is white/black checkered print on canvas uppers with a white sole and the collar is double padded for added comfort. If you want a shoe that is versatile in style and is also comfortable, these are the shoes for you.

I would rate the Vans as a 9 out of 10.

I would say that my favorite out of all of my shoes is the white/black checkered Vans. They are extremely comfortable for my feet, and I can wear them with almost every clothing style that I choose to wear. Even though they are not as bold in appearance as the Air Force 1s, they are still appealing to the eye.