The outsiders look in, journalism at Meridian


Sheila Moore

Journalism students Karrigan True and Tyler Ward live stream a basketball game.

Meridian Hawks journalism is a group of students who report the news, cover live events, film news shows, pretty much everything news related within the high school. However, most people don’t really know much about what actually goes on within the class as well as the competition teams.

Mackenzie Reed, sophomore, said, “I believe that you guys work with newspapers, magazines, and preparing the news to be broadcasted.”

The journalism team has multiple parts within the staff, there is an editor who goes through all the articles and helps the reporters make the best stories about what’s going on around the school and about the community. However, that’s not all we do.

Tyler Wilson, sophomore, said: “they go to businesses, clubs, etc., interview people, and just general school information and sometimes illustrate that information on the Meridian Daily.”

The team, they have units they go through where they indeed do those things, however the illustrations (articles) are put up daily to keep the site and the news feed fresh and flowing, this is all managed and made sure of by students and then checked over by Mrs. Moore.

“I feel like it’s better for the students within the journalism class to be more hands-on, I feel the class is put into that format so that they can get to learn the specialized tools and areas better within the newsroom,” Gavin Baker, freshman, said.

Journalism is more than just writing articles, doing live streams, covering the news, it’s learning about how cameras work, angles, how to edit videos for storyboards, ads, interviews.  It’s not just about the work that goes on, journalism is more like a family that somehow within this chaotic structure flows out freely and works in smooth progression. They produce and spread the news to this school which the students get told what’s going on.