The curious practice of decorating lockers

Larou de Jong

by Alexis Tish, Reporter

When it comes to decorating lockers, there’s some things you should know before you start.

Madison Sapp, a sophomore, brings some tips.

“A lot of magnets,” she says. “Usually whenever I would go somewhere, I’d get a key chain and a magnet.”

She also mentions how her locker isn’t as full as it used to be, but it’s full of magnets. She goes on to say when the best time to decorate is.

“At the beginning of the year, every year, whenever I put all of my stuff in my locker, I take all my magnets and I put them in when I put all my books in,” Sapp says.

She also provides tips on how to keep your locker full and decorated.

“Whenever I go somewhere, I always look at magnets. Like when I’m traveling, if I find one that I like, I’ll get it and I’ll add it to my locker,” Sapp says.

She’s been to a lot of places which means a lot of magnets.

“My dad got me one when he went to Canada, so I have one from Canada. I have some from our D.C. trip in eighth grade, I have some from Florida and I think I have one from when I went to see Hamilton,” she says.

Sapp warns about when it’s too much. “If you can’t fit them all on the door, it’s too much.”

She says her locker was the most decorated during freshman year. “I got more over the course of the year and they started going inside my locker, and at that point I realized that this year I should not have that many. There were so many, I don’t even know how many there were.”

Lizzie Snow, a sophomore, gives the gift of knowledge this holiday season with how to decorate lockers.

“I used to have a shelf to be really organized, but now it’s just kind of books all along the bottom and sometimes I have pictures in my locker,” Snow says.

Snow also says to decorate at the beginning of the year to stay more organized.

“If you get more decorations, just add on to them,” she says.

She also says to decorate first.

“If a book or a folder knocks something over, it just stays up there if I do it first,” she says.

She says when you doesn’t have room for your books and book bag, it’s too much. She continues on saying how her locker was the most decorated during her seventh grade year.

“If they were to be all together, it’d be a half of the locker, but I spread them out,” she says.

She says it takes her about 45 minutes to decorate her locker, only because she brings everything with her at the beginning of the year.

Eric Hurelbrink, principal at Meridian High School, says, “I have never had an issue with students decorating as long as it’s something tasteful. Not anything that shouldn’t be on there. Nothing offensive. And as long as it doesn’t take the paint off the locker [it’s fine].”

One of the biggest eyesores at the old school was the lockers. They weren’t a good representation of the school. When the paint chipped or got peeled off, you could see the multiple layers of old paint.

“We went in with the idea of we weren’t going to let kids decorate like we used to. I’ve kind of changed my mind about that, to some degree,” says Hurelbrink.

He says we use a lot of painters tape, which isn’t supposed to pull the paint off, and magnets, which are fine.

“I think it’s always fun to look at them. I think, in a way, it brightens up the hallway. It makes it worth walking down  and looking at it,” he says.

He goes on to say he hopes it makes kids feel better to decorate their locker. Some teachers put up little things on students’ lockers to remind them of something or to congratulate them on good work. It’s also a way to advertise certain things. The yearbook staff will put some flyers up about buying a yearbook. He says it’s a nice, easy, convenient way to get a message out.

“For a lot of kids, it’s a reflection of how much they’re involved in and what they’re doing at school,” Hurelbrink says. “It’s a way for them to express themselves.”

The only disadvantage/ annoying thing you’ll see is when another student messes with someone’s decorations.

“If a student has a soccer ball on the outside of their locker and then it goes missing, and you know it’s a harmless prank, but you still think about why someone would mess with someone’s decorations,” he says.

He also thinks if you have too many decorations on your locker, you could knock something off or it could be in the way of someone else.

“My personal thoughts are: as long as you follow the guidelines and keep it school appropriate, I have nothing against it,” he finishes off.