50 things to do over Christmas break


photo by Sheila Moore

On behalf of the Meridian Publications staff, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a great Christmas break! We hope you have a wonderful time spent with your friends and family. We will see you in the New Year!

Christmas break is arguably the best time of the year. You get a couple of weeks to relax stress-free. However, it can be boring if you don’t have much to do. Lucky for you, there are plenty of fun things to do this Christmas break.

  1. Make Christmas cookies with lots and lots of icing
  2. Go shopping
  3. Get a part-time job
  4. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  5. Watch Christmas movies
  6. Have a game day with your friends or family
  7. Try a new restaurant
  8. Try a new food
  9. Visit every coffee shop in your area
  10. Visit every bakery in your area
  11. Buy Christmas presents
  12. Deep clean your room or closet
  13. Sell or donate clothes
  14. Make your own Christmas cards
  15. Listen to the Meridian Daily podcasts- here
  16. Read the Meridian Daily articles- here
  17. Watch the District 15 News live streams- here
  18. Sing Christmas carols
  19. Don’t eat yellow snow
  20. Clean out your old school supplies
  21. Hunt down Santa
  22. Have a snowball fight
  23. Go to Sky Zone
  24. Go to The Reindeer Farm
  25. Go ice skating
  26. Order your 2019-2020 yearbook
  27. Go to the movies
  28. Go sledding
  29. Make snow slushies
  30. Paint your dog (either on a canvas or the actual dog, your choice)
  31. Build a fort
  32. Kiss someone under the mistletoe
  33. Iceball dodge ball (freeze water balloons)
  34. Make Christmas dinner for your friends and family
  35. Build a snowman
  36. Make snow angels
  37. Drink hot chocolate
  38. Look at Christmas lights
  39. Do a puzzle
  40. Pull an all-nighter
  41. Make an updated music playlist
  42. Plan a sweet New Years Eve party
  43. Have a friendsmas (celebrate Christmas with your friends)
  44. Have a contest making gingerbread houses
  45. Go bowling
  46. Go roller skating
  47. Bake for your friends or family
  48. Text someone who you want to get to know
  49. Adopt a grandparent at a nursing home who doesn’t get visitors
  50. DIY an ugly Christmas sweater