2020 Meridian High School Europe trip


photo by Alexis Tish

2020 trip travelers gather in Katie Warnick’s room for a fundraiser meeting.

by Alexis Tish, Reporter

In June of 2020, Katie Warnick and Kelley Mullaney will take a group of students on a trip to Europe to sight-see and learn about the different cultures.

Warnick loves traveling and has most recently traveled to Greece and Italy.

“Being able to visit foreign countries has always been a dream of mine,”  said Warnick. “If I can expose students to other cultures, food, and activities that will be meaningful and help them learn new things, I feel like that’s what I’m supposed to do as an educator.”

Warnick has been all over the United States. She’s been everywhere east of the Mississippi.

“I still haven’t made it to Texas, the southwest, or the west coast,” said Warnick. “I’ve been to Hawaii, and Alaska is on my bucket list.”

Warnick likes to experience new things.

“To me, the food, people, and scenery are fascinating,” said Warnick. “It is fun to see how different people are, yet also how similar. We might be separated by geography or language, but at our core, we are all the same.”

Kelley Mullaney, a math teacher at Meridian High School, will also chaperone the trip.

“Mrs. Warnick asked me if I would help organize the trip with her and that’s how I got involved,” said Mullaney.

Mullaney has previously traveled with her family and friends.

“I have been all over the world. I have visited 17 states, not including IL, and have been to 12 countries,” Mullaney said. “I love to travel because I enjoy experiencing other cultures and seeing more of the world. There is so much out there to see. After each trip you come back with a different perspective and learn so much through your experiences. Traveling with EF is new, however traveling with a group like this is not. I traveled with an adult group through Ireland and Scotland two summers ago.”

Hannah Warnick, grade 11, is a student who will go on this trip.

“I like to go visit places with cool architecture and history,” H. Warnick said. “I also find out what kinds of different food they eat, and if I like it or not. There are so many cool different things I’m going to get to see.”

H. Warnick said she’s gone to Greece and Italy before. She also said she’s excited to go on this trip.

“I’m very excited to see all of the attractions in Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, and try all sorts of food,” H. Warnick said. “Plus, I think we get to visit an old castle in Scotland. There is going to be a lot of fun stuff to see in London, Paris, and Scotland.”