Bryanna’s softball struggle

Bryanna Roy

photo by Emery Johnson

Bryanna Roy

by Emery Johnson, Reporter

In almost all sports there is the risk of being injured, in Meridian junior Bryanna Roy’s case, she injured her knee. Roy is a softball catcher and in the first tournament of the year, at the third game, her knee got hyper flexed.

“The first basemen went to throw the ball to me and tag a girl out, but she had a wild throw and so I had to turn to the side and get it. As soon as I turned back, a girl grabbed me by my shoulders and slammed me to the ground and dove on top of me, landing on my knee. She bent my knee and hyper flexed it,” said Roy.“It ended up causing me to lose full range of motion in my knee, I’ve got that back but there’s still damage.”

Roy was in physical therapy for her knee for seven weeks but it didn’t seem to help, “ My knee wasn’t getting better.” She said.

This isn’t Roy’s only sports’ injury, though.

“The first one was a fractured finger, because I caught a ball straight into my finger. The next one was a sprained ankle, then a sprained knee from people sliding into me.” She said, “Then another one happened when a girl stepped back and hit my wrist, dislocating it. The last one was when I got a massive concussion.”

Softball is definitely something she’s passionate about and she’s been playing for ten years. She is hoping there will not be permanent damage so she can get back to playing soon. 

“I missed out on an entire season of softball, I missed out on college recruiters at games, I’ve missed all those travel tryouts this year, so that’s just kind of been a setback on things,” Roy said.

Despite her injury, Roy is trying to keep her spirits up.

“With the healing of my knee, I’m just trying to be positive and hoping that the results I get Friday from my MRI will be that there will be no tears or anything it’s just taking a longer time to heal,” she said hopefully.