Mallorie Burkhart meets high school


Mallorie Burkhart

Mallorie Burkhart

McKenna Sullivan, Reporter

Mallorie Burkhart, freshman, enjoys hanging out with friends and being on her phone. Burkharts brother, Jacob, said “shes on her phone all the time.”

Burkhart doesn’t play any sports but enjoys hanging out with her best friend Sara Carroll, and another friend from Warrensburg. Carroll  said, “She’s very goofy. Around other people she can be shy at first, but once you get to know her she’s really happy and a really exciting person.”

When Carroll was asked if their friendship had suffered any since school started, she stated, “We’re scared of drifting apart, but we know that we won’t because of how long we’ve been friends, and how much we’ve gone through together.”

“She loves science, she wants to be an OBGYN,” said Burkhart’s mother Christina Prosser, “She’s always been a talker, every year since pre-k we were told that she talks a lot, and fast.”

In her free time Burkhart listens to Taylor Swift and loves to mess with make up and do her nails Burkhart has two sisters and two brothers; she is the middle child. Burkhart was born on May 4, which happens to be Star Wars day.