Savannah Ramsey: always in motion


Chad Mitchell Photography

Savannah Ramsey

Arwen Baker, Reporter

Savannah Ramsey is a sophomore at Meridian High School. She’s mostly your average high school student, always running around with places to be. However, Ramsey is literally always on the move. She has actually moved houses more than 16 times in her whole life.

“I have moved a lot,” said Ramsey with a smile. “This is like my sixteenth house that I’ve lived in.” She also travels to Arizona two or three times a year to visit family. She even goes to her cousin’s house every weekend.

Ramsey has moved for all sorts of different reasons.

“Random stuff just comes up,” said Ramsey. “My mom doesn’t like staying in one place for too long. My mom is picky, so she’ll find something wrong with the house and she doesn’t feel like fixing it.”

Even though she’s lived in sixteen different houses, she has managed to only go to two different schools: Meridian and Sangamon Valley.

“I went here until fourth grade, but then I went to Sangamon Valley. My mom got married and then she got divorced so I moved back,” she said. “Fifth grade was my first year there, then I moved back here. Last year was my first year back here.”

Ramsey enjoys moving around a lot and would like to move schools again. “We actually are moving again in a couple of months,” she said excitedly.

Even though she’s always moving, she’s never in a rush to get things done.

“I’m really lazy so I procrastinate a lot,” she said. “I wake up like 30 minutes before I have to get on the bus.” 

Ramsey even plays travel softball during most summers. She’s been doing so since elementary school. She also enjoys drawing and running around on the soccer field. She plans on continuing her hobbies for the remainder of her high school years.