Matthew Rigsby’s water truck


Matthew Rigsby

Matthew Rigsby

Robert Tackett, Reporter

Matthew Rigsby is your normal high school boy who’s into Thrasher and skate boarding with his friends. Oh, and his favorite color is blue.

“We usually just ride around the streets and enjoy the moments we have,” said Rigsby. He does this on the weekends as well as being in band both in and outside of school. He is a percussionist in the school band and has met new people since the start of the year.

His truck has to start with a screwdriver and it’s somehow still running.

“So a long time ago me and my dad went to a random old dude who was selling a truck for a hundred dollars. It’s old and can’t go over fifty and the paint is peeling, there isn’t any key that I know of so we just decided to use a screwdriver and surprisingly it didn’t mess anything up within the engine. The old man was just on a farm that my dad surprisingly knew about and told me we’re getting a truck.”

This is indeed Rigsby’s truck, but its main purpose is to go to the Decatur Dam, then hold and transfer water to and from his house.

“We have well water that’s straight from Decatur Lake, and it’s not suitable for drinking purpose, and the truck has a water container on the bed of it where we usually go to the dam and water pours into the container by a machine that you put quarters in,” said Rigsby, “and it magically goes into the container. I can’t even drink the water from the dam because how dirty the water is. We usually just use the water for taking showers, washing dishes, and cleaning clothes.”

He usually just drinks water that is bottled that’s clean because that’s the only real drinking water he has at his house. He lives in a neighborhood, so when he gets the water, he just pours it into the well near his house.

“Since the dam water is so dirty, even in the well, we have to drink bottled water all the time,” said Rigsby.