It’s a good Day to play basketball


photo by Chad Mitchell Photography

Riley Day

by Ellie Fitzpatrick, Reporter

Riley Day is a sophomore at Meridian. He is like most ordinary teenage boys and enjoys watching movies and hanging out with his girlfriend, but he is also extremely dedicated to both basketball and soccer.

“Whenever I was younger basketball wasn’t my favorite sport. My favorite sport was baseball,” said Day.

Day’s favorite sport has since changed to basketball, and he devotes much of his time to playing it.

“It felt amazing to get third place [in state] and it made me push myself harder because when I was in 7th grade I didn’t start, but I’ve pushed myself to be better,” said Day.

Day considers his biggest accomplishments winning the three point contest and winning third place in state his eighth grade year.

“We’ve played together for a long time so we work together on the court and I can trust him with anything,” said Graham Meisenhelter.

Meisenhelter is a sophomore at Meridian and is a good friend and teammate of Day’s.

“He is kinda shy until you get to know him. But he was and is a good young man that has tons of faith and loves Jesus, and it shows in his life style. When it comes to basketball his work ethic is remarkable,” said Shannon Houser.

Houser was Day’s middle school basketball coach and is going to be his high school coach in the upcoming (2019-2020) season.

“His hard work & perseverance towards the game he has so much passion for makes him a valuable player. And his three point shooting is a plus,” said Houser.