All about Wyatt Latham


Haley Grimes

Wyatt Latham

Haley Grimes, Reporter

Wyatt Latham, a sophomore at Meridian High School, plays on the football and baseball teams. He also enjoys watching YouTube and hanging out with friends. Latham said his work ethic and personality are the most interesting things about him.

Latham hopes to be an MLB or an NFL player after he graduates and hopes to go to college on an athletic scholarship.

“The most interesting thing that’s happened to me is playing on multiple different college baseball fields,” said Latham. One of his pet peeves is people who mess around during their practices and drills, a sign he takes his sports seriously.

At school, he has quite a few friends, many of whom are on teams with him.

“Wyatt is a nice and funny guy,” said Grant Meisenhelter, one of Latham’s close friends and teammate. “And at football, he is always working hard.”

Another of Latham’s pet peeves is teachers who walk around the room while he does homework or takes a test. His favorite teachers are Mrs. Greenwood, Coach Sheppard, and Mrs. Campbell.

After practice, Latham likes to play with his dogs and hang out with his friends and sister, Peyton Latham, a senior at Meridian High School.

“We’re always spending time together and we are always singing and blaring out two favorite songs which are “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “I Want it That Way,” said Latham.

When asked about one another, the siblings responded alike. “Wyatt is super funny and sweet, he is my best friend,” said Latham’s sister. “I love how close we are, we do a lot together. One of our favorite things to do is go to Taco Bell and jam to our two favorite songs.”