A caring Angel


Abbi Hackert

Alexis Tish, Reporter

Sophomore Angelique Barger (15) is a typical high school student. Barger hangs out with her friends and is involved with sports. She’s been playing volleyball since seventh grade. Her friends describe her as having a goofy personality.

How does Barger interpret that? “I’m mostly just always trying to make people laugh. I love making people smile,” Barger said.

Zoey Chumbley, Barger’s best friend and volleyball manager, said Barger has “a really goofy and funny personality.”

After their eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. , Barger and Chumbley became closer friends and started hanging out and talking more.

Abbi Hackert, another close friend described Barger as a witty person, “She’s funny and very outgoing. She can be loud at times, but she’s very sweet to others. She’ll do anything for anybody.”

They first became friends in sixth grade. “I came here in sixth grade and before sixth grade started, we played rec league softball together. The first day at practice, we all introduced ourselves. So yeah. That’s where we became friends,” Hackert said.

“The best thing about her is probably her personality. I love her personality. I love just how funny she is. When she meets someone new, she can just talk to them so easily. She’s just so outgoing,” said Hackert.