Savannah Mendenhall: country concerts


Anne Regan

Pamela Mendenhall, Savannah Mendenhall, Sydney Moore, Austin Mendenhall

Gabby Bingaman, Reporter

Savannah Mendenhall is a senior at Meridian High School. Mendenhall loves to listen to country music and go to concerts. Her first concert was Big Church Night Out in Champaign.

“I like to draw and listen to music like constantly,” said Mendenhall.

Mendenhall enjoys country music the best because, “it’s superior…I always grew up listening to country music.”

She started listening to country music during car rides and “my mother would play blue grass and then we got a country music channel on the TV and so I would like watch all the music videos.”

Mendenhall’s most memorable memory was “going to the Reba concert for the first time. I about flipped out when Tucker [Parks] told me that she was coming to the state fair. I was so excited. That was fun.”

Mendenhall enjoyed the whole experience of Reba. “She sounded so good for 64 years old she sounds amazing still, so that was amazing.”

Mendenhall enjoys concerts since she is around people that enjoy the same type of music. “Country music is not too popular at school, but a concert filled with people that like what I do.”

“When I am at a concert, especially at the Reba concert, I feel excited. I love soaking in the moment because I want to remember the experience.”

Mendenhall went to the Trace Adkins concert on September 1, that was held at The Decatur Lakeshore Amphitheater with her mom, brother, and Sydney Moore.

2019 graduate Moore who went with Mendenhall to the Trace Adkins concert, stated her favorite thing about going to the concert with Mendenhall was, “We have the same level of weirdness, so like I could look at her when the songs came on and we could do the weirdest dance and it was great.”

Mendenhall’s brother said his favorite thing about going to concerts with his sister was when he sang “I’ll Fly Away” with her and the entire arena at a Willie Nelson concert.