Lucas Clapp: future of agriculture

Lucas Clapp

Delaney Jones

Lucas Clapp

Delaney Jones, Reporter

Many people know Lucas Clapp (10) as a multi-sport athlete who excels on the court and field. While sports are a large part of his life, there is a lot more to him than just athletics. Many people don’t know Clapp is also involved in the new ag program and hopes to go into an agriculture related field.

“I mean one of the big parts all around Illinois is agriculture so you might as well do something that’s around you,” said Clapp.

Clapp is interested in agricultural engineering, but he does not yet know where he wants to attend college or what specific major he wants.

“He’s one of the first ones to get his homework done, volunteer, ask questions, do whatever. He’s a real go-getter,” said Jerry Brockett, the new ag teacher, who has Clapp in intro to agriculture and animal science. “I’d say whatever he sets his mind to, he’ll probably have no problem getting there because he’s doing well and we haven’t tried a lot of different things, but I’d say wherever he ends up he’ll go far because he’s just a go-getter and gets things done early.”

Clapp recently attended the Farm Progress Show with his friend Cole Rappé.

“Going around the Farm Progress Show was fun with him. He made it a fun experience,” said Rappé.

Clapp’s agriculture background goes all the way back to when he was little and used to visit his grandparent’s farm. Both sets of Clapp’s grandparents farm and one set has sheep. He has fond memories of “riding in the buddy seat of the tractor or combine.”