A poet’s pen: Anastasia’s story


photo by Ellen Jackson

Anastasia Brinkley-Campbell

by Ellen Jackson, Reporter

A poet’s pen
With scarlet ink
Paper thick
For blood to sink
Roses fill
The empty space
While tears fill up
In the poet’s place
These shadows offended
They tease and they taunt
Petals fall
As the roses fought
Their darling dear
Their poet’s fear
As the shadows were out for blood
A poet’s own
To draw it from
Skin pale like a rainy day
Fiery hair
Tangled in thorns
A poet’s pen
In a poets corpse.

This is one of the many poems Anastasia Brinkley-Campbell, a freshman at Meridian High School, wrote. She spends her time writing poetry and uploading it online.

“I mainly learned on my own, I started writing weird little poems in a notebook, and then I moved onto typing them and I used to put them into a Google Doc and then, I found the website,” Brinkley-Campbell said. “I just liked putting words together that meant something I guess.”

Brinkley-Campbell writes her poetry anywhere she can. She is inspired by where she is and what surrounds her.

“Sometimes it’s like flowers I see, or sometimes it’s something my friends say or just dreams I have, or things that pop up into my head or words that sound good together,” Brinkley-Campbell said.

She inspired herself to write poetry and thought people might like what she had to say. It really helps her relieve stress and she feels better after writing a poem.

“Sometimes I get really scared over nothing and it helps me a lot.” Brinkley-Campbell said, “Poetry essentially makes me feel better, it’s kind of a way to express myself. It makes me feel happy.”

Her poems come from her imagination or topics from her books. She spends time searching for just the right words because that’s important to her.

“Most of it is non-rhyming rhythmical poetry, but a few she will rhyme. She has some powerful word pictures, and sometimes writes about dark topics as if she were there,” said her mom, Jan Campbell.