Thank you 2018-2019 school year


photo by Amber Miller

The Meridian Publication team has spent the 2018-2019 school year capturing all of our favorite memories.

by Hannah Reichert, Editor-in-Chief










The 2018-2019 school year has been 365 days of memories that will last a lifetime. It has included assemblies, dances, school spirit, and a lot of homework. However, we don’t like to talk about the homework we all had to do or that we decided not to do.

This year marked the beginning of an era for some people and an end for others. We had four new teachers, Cara Gatchel, Jennifer Greenwood, Leslie Greer, and Bess Dotterweich. However, this year also signifies the end of an era for three teachers who are retiring, Denna Williams, John Rude, and Jeannine Rude.

Our homecoming week had a lot of competition between classes and a brilliant parade. The theme of this year’s homecoming was the decades and each class was assigned a decade. The class of 2019 was the ’90s, the class of 2020 was the ’80s, the class of 2021 was the ’70s, and the class of 2022 was the ’60s.

The parade was heard by the wails of the fire truck sirens, the beating of the band drums, and the cheers of the students on the floats. Each float was dressed up to look like that class’ decade.

The powder puff games were held under the bright lights on the football field with a blazing bonfire held after. The class of 2019 held victory for the second year in a row and the class of 2021 came in second place. In third, was the class of 2020 and the class of 2022 came in fourth.

Our school dances were as wild and fun as ever. There were girls and guys dressed in sparkly dresses and classy dress clothes, who danced to the beat of the songs the DJ played. This year’s prom theme was a Masquerade Dance, which featured glittery, cardboard masquerade masks as decorations.

Our assemblies were full of school spirit and excitement for the events to come. The gym was full of student’s wearing green and black clothing with their faces covered in face paint, all chanting for their class to win the class challenges. This year, the high school was able to take back the spirit stick, which is attained by whichever school is able to scream the loudest.

Our sport’s teams had some good and bad times, however, the students stood by our teams through the good and the bad. From the varsity football teams’ first season win to broken track records.

Our Meridian Publications made big strives towards greatness this year. With the Meridian Moments yearbook staff working hard on the 25th Anniversary book and all the while giving Adviser Sheila Moore headaches from all of the times they have changed the theme this year. They finally decided on a classy and clean coffee table book.

The District 15 News team had a huge year, they earned two new site badges and four Best of SNO badges.

The Meridian Journalism Sectionals team are Sectional Champions after a tie with Edwardsville High School. This just shows that the four AM bus ride to Carbondale really paid off in the end.

Our Drama Club did a fantastic job with their production of Mamma Mia. It was a hit in the community from the stomping feet in “Voulez-Vouz,” to the booty shakes in “Waterloo.” The club started in November with auditions and practices.

Fun fact: The cast drove all the way to Chicago to Dundee-Crown High School to watch and pick up the set they dreamed of using.

The worst part of the end of this year is saying goodbye to all of our senior peers. We have shared giggles, tears, and memories that will last forever. So I guess we’ll see you the next time you come to bask in the glory days of high school.