Juniors: the future awaits


Hannah Reichert

Taylor Pagel, Claire Palmer, Jesse Damery , Zoie Bowman. The juniors at Meridian High School are preparing for their futures by attending college visits, taking ACTs and SATs, and scheduling senior classes.

Hannah Reichert, Editor-in-Chief

The juniors at Meridian High School have started to prepare for the SATs, ACTs, and their senior year. However, some juniors have already started to go on college visits and apply for scholarships. Many students have already thought about their future and who they want to be when they grow up.

“They [juniors] need to start looking at what schools they are interested in, what they want to major in, if they can afford that school,” said Heather Johnson, the guidance counselor. Johnson has been guiding students towards their future for eight years. “They also need to start scheduling and attending college visits during their junior year.”

There are some juniors who have an idea what school they want to go to but are also keeping their options open in case they change their mind.

“I plan on going to college at Purdue University,” said Taylor Pagel. Pagel is in softball, volleyball, NHS, FCS, FCA, and board game club. She wants to be a physical therapist when she is older. “I already visited Purdue, but I also want to visit Iowa State University and Illinois State University.

“I would love to go anywhere out of state,” said Claire Palmer. Palmer is in drama, yearbook club, and cheerleading. After college, she wants to work at Disneyworld. “I have no plans to visit any colleges yet.”

Some students already know what school they want to go to and decided on their chosen career.

“I want to go to EIU and play softball,” said Zoie Bowman. Bowman is in softball, volleyball, and NHS. She plans to be a physical therapy assistant in the future.

One junior committed to a university during her sophomore year to play softball.

On January 31, 2018, Jesse Damery announced she would continue her athletic and academic career at the University of Illinois.

“I committed there [University of Illinois] because I knew that’s where I want to spend the next four years,” said Damery, junior. “They have great coaches, great academics, and it’s just a great atmosphere.”