What would you do for love?

by Lydia Wiggins, Reporter

Netflix has come out with many of their own series and movies over the past six years. You is one of their latest releases and has gained a lot of popularity over a short period of time. The psychological thriller was once a lifetime series but was adopted by Netflix a month after airing on TV. You was actually based on a novel of the same name published 2014.

The show is a ten episode series with the reoccurring theme of “What would YOU do for love?”.

An overly educated bookstore owner with a dark past meets an aspiring writer in college and his purpose becomes crystal clear. With absolutely anything, from murder to breaking and entering, he proves that he has one goal and it’s to remove any obstacle or person in his way of a potential relationship.

Guinevere Beck played by Elizabeth Gail is a young poet who is having trouble getting her work out into the world, and Joe [the stalker] starts off by bumping into her in his own book store. It begins as an awkward crush, where you’re on his side wanting him to get the girl but quickly turns into obsession. He taps into her phone and computer and gains information on her whole life and all her friends. Joe finds ways to sneak into her life and seem like a miracle who showed up to save her.

I really enjoyed this series, the story doesn’t take long to take off. It’s a thriller and a weird dark romance in one. With many plot twists and scenes to keep you on the edge of your seat. If you’re not really into rom-coms or simple thriller movies, you have to try this mash-up and I’m sure it will change your mind.  Season two already has a release date and I’m super excited, even though season one ended the opposite of how I thought it was going to.