Don’t be left out of the mystery


photo by Candi Duncan

Ms. Dunmire has taught modern mystery for two semesters and this semester is the first time teaching her new course, Modern Mystery 2. The class is for juniors and seniors. “I hope that students remain interested because it’s something I would love to teach for a long time to come,” said Dunmire. If she could choose to add another elective, it would be science-fiction.

by Candi Duncan, Reporter

Modern Mystery is a class that was created by Ms. Chelsea Dunmire, a teacher at Meridian High School. She took her favorite genre and turned it into an elective class. Also, Dunmire took some of the most terrible crimes and turned it into a unit within the class.

This genre has stood the test of time for a reason- it keeps your pulse racing and forces you to keep reading to satisfy your curiosity,” said Dunmire.

Dunmire might have needed some help to come up with lesson plans for the class. “I had a general idea – reading mystery novels from the past and bringing in more modern publications.” Dunmire covered several different things in the class, such as true crime and detective fiction.

“I knew I had to cover Agatha Christie because she is one of the best-known mystery authors,” said Dunmire.

Dunmire has liked the class so much she even broke it up into two semesters. Modern Mystery 1 and Modern Mystery 2. Some of the students in Modern Mystery, like Austin Rowcliff and Brock True, are pleased with the class.

Rowcliff chose to take the class because “it sounded very interesting.” He liked learning about the different mysteries and playing the board game Clue. Rowcliff says his favorite mystery is D.B. Cooper, “this has always been a very interesting mystery to me, and I have watched a ton of videos about this story. This is one of those stories I could just tell you everything about because of how much I have looked into it.”

In the class, students learn about different murder cases and try to figure out who did the murder and how it happened, they look at the evidence and everything that was different within the case.

True chose to take the class because “I love murders and mystery/suspense.” He even went as far as to say, “I love the feeling of figuring something out before people or being so confused.”