Meridian art students receive regional awards


Laura Klink

Awards were given to students after their art work was judged in competition. Karrigan True, Trent Reynolds, Jenna Jackson, and Virginia Sheumaker all received an award. True said, "Not everyone understands how long it takes to perfect that one piece to send off!"

Shyanne Piatt, Reporter

Meridian Senior High school’s art teacher, Laura Klink, teaches four separate sections of art. Ms. Klink takes selected quality pieces students have created and sends them off to be judged. Artwork is submitted then judged in a variety of different categories including drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, mixed media and design.

Klink said, “I look for technical skill (precision, accuracy, and ability to manipulate the media – (what is used to create the work of art), creativity, originality, and uniqueness. Craftsmanship and neatness are also important when choosing a piece to send.”

This year, four students had artwork accepted to the 2019 Scholastic and Writing Awards. Their work competed with over 1,027 other pieces of art by students in the Mid-Central Illinois region. Only 20% of all of the work submitted was accepted and given recognition for their creativity and technical skill. Those accepted were Virginia Sheumaker, Jenna Jackson, and Karrigan True. 

True said, “When I found out that I got accepted I was really excited because my whole life I really liked art, that’s my passion and what I want to do. I spent so many days and hours after school trying to perfect that one piece and it finally paid off.”

Meanwhile, Trent Reynolds was awarded a gold key and his piece will also be submitted to the national competition, this summer from June 5-7. Where nationwide, nearly 346,000 works of art and writing are submitted. 

The exhibit will be open on Sunday, January 27, and the last day you can visit is Thursday, February 21, 2019, located at the Springfield Art Association. 

The scoring is as follows:

Honorable Mention (3rd places) Regional Level, demonstrating creative potential (145 pieces accepted.)

Silver Key (2nd place) Regional Level, demonstrating achievement worthy of recognition (79 pieces accepted.)

Gold Key (1st place) Regional Level, which then qualifies for National level (63 pieces accepted.)

American Vision Awards Best of the show, are selected from the Gold key pieces.

Ms. Klink said, “In my twenty plus years of teaching, I’ve had one student receive an American Vision Award, which is Tyler Matteson, who has gone to college to receive a degree in architecture.”