Take pressure, fight through it

Cristian Scott, Reporter

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Exams are on the way!

The first semester is coming to a close and exams are right around the corner. Every class is required to give at least one big project or some sort of test. Exams will be held on December 20 and 21. Exams can prove frustrating and stressful, and students should start preparing now.

“I always struggle with the math exams and study hard for them, there are a lot of equations to remember and also a lot of vocab you have to memorize and it’s confusing,” Arwen Baker, sophomore at Meridian, said. ” I am prepared but most of the time some teachers wait until the last second to give us our review packets, the others give us them a month ahead of time.”

Exams are for seeing if the students can retain the information they were given during the semester, instead of the students forgetting what they learned and all the information going through one ear, and out the other.

“I think I’m properly prepared for exams. I pay well attention in class, I am up to date on all my work, and I haven’t struggled on any of the review packets,” said Sam VonBehren, a senior at Meridian. “Exams are not necessary, it’s too much of a grade for material that’s old.”

All students should prepare for exams in some way. The easiest ways to study is to create a quizlet for vocab, make vocabulary flashcards, and go over the notes you took throughout the semester.

Mr. Cloe, a part of the Meridian faculty, said, I like to challenge students to see what they are capable of, it’s a good way to show mastery and make them retain it instead of just memorizing it.”

Mr. Cloe teaches anatomy which is an honors class and one of the toughest classes at Meridian. “Exams are 100% necessary because you will have them in college, I like the idea of pressure being put on the students, and learning how to fight through it.”

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