Heartland Technical Academy tours


Shyanne Piatt

Students are able to drive to Tech. Each morning students can go grab some coffee from the shop to help them get thru the morning.

Shyanne Piatt, Reporter

Some students can’t wait for the Heartland Technical Academy tour offered sophomore year. While others are not ready and wish they would have been. Students take a bus to Richland Community College and are able to attend two presentations for the programs they are interested in. Each teacher sets up a table in the main commons where students are able to take a flyer and talk to the current Heartland students before their tours.

“They need to think about if it is going to help further the career they want to do and if it is going to get them ahead. I also talk about what they need to weigh their decisions about staying here all day at MHS and being able to do band and choir or other electives or if they want to go to Tech a half day knowing they may miss some things going on here,” said Heather Johnson, MHS guidance counselor.

Teachers take time out of their day to set up for the tours to help gain interest in their class. Each program does different activities pertaining to what their class is about. For students who attend the Criminal Justice presentation, they are able to do a hands-on fingerprinting activity and able to look over a mock crime scene. Students in Auto Tech are able to look over the systems, and a few select students are able to take home a glass RCC plack to keep.

“Schools should coordinate more time for the tours. We only get ten to fifteen mins to really grasp what exactly we do in class,” says Heartland’s Criminal Justice Teacher Amy Cleary.