Insight on the Hotspot


Seth Barnes

The Hotspot features a robust menu. "I love no-bake cookies," said Morgan Bork. Students in Hotspot work in 7th hour to prepare the food that goes on their menu. The Hotspot crew stays after school to put in extra time if needed.

Seth Barnes, Reporter

Students by morning, Hotspot food sellers after 2:30. The Hotspot is looking to introduce new items to their menu.

“We are moving away from sweets,” said Mrs. Warnick, foods teacher, and head of the Hotspot.

Before the next month rolls around, Warnick and the Hotspot crew sit down and decide who is going to make what treat. “I don’t really argue with my peers, we usually work together and figure out what we’re gonna make,” said Garrett Miesenhelter.

The Hotspot gives extra insight into business and what the consumer wants, not what the seller wants. It also gives business opportunities. The easiest way to submit requests to the Hotspot is to email Mrs. Warnick.

“The person I consider to be the leader is Austin Rowcliff. He’s always ready to cook,” said Warnick. The Hotspot has many items on their menu like iced coffee, popcorn chicken, to name a few.

The Hotspot is open every Tuesday and Thursday. Stop by and give them a visit, seeing that window open surely means you’re in for a treat.