A colorful surprise for pediatric patients


photo by Katie Warnick

Brighten a day. The FCS club delivers crayons to Decatur Memorial Hospital on Tuesday, October 16. FCS club ran a competition among study hall classes to see who could collect the most boxes of 24 crayons. Mrs. Rude’s study hall won the competition this year.

by Karrigan True, Photographer

For over a decade, the FCS club has been holding an annual crayon drive. The MHS study hall classes compete against each other to see who can bring in more boxes of 24 crayons. In the end, the winning class receives a party. This is all fun, but the best part is when FCS delivers the crayon boxes to the pediatric patients at Decatur Memorial Hospital.

The boxes of crayons go to the pediatric department at the hospital. The goal is for as many children as possible to get one box to keep forever. “We try to bring in a lot so that each child gets to keep one,” said Katie Warnick, FCS club sponsor.

This FCS club activity is just one of many great ways for MHS students to feel good about what they do for the community.

“I like that we give high school students a way to help kids who are sick even if they can’t contact them personally,” said Warnick.

These crayons are a great way to make the kids happy while they are staying there at DMH. It helps to brighten not only the children’s day but also the FCS members. “Everything in FCS makes you feel like a good person,” said Tiffany Miller, FCS member.

When children are in the hospital, they can’t get up and run around. The pediatric department has a cabinet that is full of coloring sheets, crayons, movies, and more. “A lot of times staff will call up here and say ‘we have some kids down here, do you have anything we can entertain them with,'” said Joyce Highley, a nurse on the pediatric floor.