Speak Up! For what?


Candice Duncan

Brian Reed and Candice Duncan

This year the administration has implemented a new way they handle problems within the student body, and this way has a name: Speak Up. But what is Speak Up?

“It’s an avenue for students to use to report a wide range of things. Maybe it’s to report an incident of bullying or to report something illegal that they had seen take place,” stated principal Eric Hurelbrink.

Last spring the company Gaggle started a safety program, that is used by Meridian, to help monitor student e-mails, so when they created the add-on ‘Speak Up’, administration decided to use it for its benefit. Gaggle monitors all of the student e-mails for suspicious activity such as harming themselves or another student.

“They will evaluate the message and then, depending upon different levels of severity, they’ll contact the principals of the building and let them know what was brought to their attention. Obviously if it’s something severe, let’s say if someone has a weapon in school, or something like that, they’ll call the office directly,” says Phil Stielow, technology director.

Messages can be sent to the phone numberĀ (779) 429-6131, and e-mails to [email protected] The items they look for when messages are sent include: continuous bullying, if you or another student is depressed, self harming, or suicidal, knowledge of a planned fight or disturbance, or if there is a weapon brought in to school.