The secret life of Jonah Brue


photo by Kyle Farmer

by Case Jaukkuri, Reporter

Jonah Brue (15) freshman at Meridian High School, for the most part, is your average kid, but there’s a catch, he’s a tumbling champ. At the age of ten Brue won first in nationals at a tumbling competition by only one-tenth of a point!

Brue’s family made a trip down to Louisville, Kentucky, to watch Brue compete in nationals on the trampoline. He had been to nationals before but the outcome of this one was different. Brue’s mother said,” we were very anxious because we had to wait for them to calculate the scores.” When Brue had made it to nationals before, he had never received first place.

Brue is also involved in high school activities and is smart says his mom and Kyle Farmer (friend). Brue loves scholastic bowl, “I enjoy the random trivia.” He also enjoys playing golf and likes that it takes a certain skill set to be able to play.

On the weekends, he enjoys playing video games and hanging out with his dogs Mac and Harry (both golden doodles).

Brue plans on going to college and wherever life takes him next.