From broken bones to state nationals


Monica Probus

Riley Probus is a fourteen-year-old freshman who plays defensive end and right guard. Probus also plays basketball just for the fun of it and because, “I’m pretty good at it.” Something you might not know is he was born being the youngest of seven siblings.

Probus happens to be busy inside and outside of school. When Probus was born, he had twin older brothers who were seventeen at the time. Now they have families of their own and “he is a great uncle to his nieces and nephews,” said Ms. Monica Probus, Riley’s Mother.

He won the State community twosome bowling tournament even though in the second grade he broke his wrist and ended up having plates and pins implanted.

Probus’ mother, Monica, pushed him to continue. Probus said, “I hated it my parents made me do it for college.”  Mr. Probus, father, said, “he has a wall of bowling trophies at home” for all of his achievements. Breaking his wrist not only once but twice, he still placed 84th out of 2,400 participants in 2016.

While being super busy with school, family, friends, and the racetrack, Probus still makes time for other sports. “I like the pain.” Just not from needles, he’s terrified of them, but when it comes to football he enjoys all the pain from the sport.

At the end of the day, Probus is making the best of his next four years of high school. He doesn’t let any broken bones set him back from the real goal, college.