Alexis’ MARVELous love


photo by Denai Hall

by Karrigan True, Photographer

Alexis Tish (14) is a freshman at Meridian High School. Even though lots of girls do, it’s not common that you find one with the same interest that she has. Tish has a huge love for Marvel.

“I have an obsession with Marvel,” said Tish. She even went as far as to name her dog Thor. Thor is a 2011 superhero film based off of the Marvel Comics.

“I look up to Ms. Deckard the most,” said Tish. Melinda Deckard is one of the English teachers at MMS. Deckard shares the same love for Marvel that Tish does. “I loved talking Marvel with her. I swear, Alexis knows everything about Chris Evans and Captain America.”

“Alexis is special, she’s so sweet and would do anything for you. She’s bright and creative too,” said Deckard.

One of Tish’s close friends is Haylee Wilson, an MHS freshman. “I love her personality, she’s always a happy person. She is always trying to pick you up when you’re down,” said Wilson.

Tish is also very close to Denai Hall, another MHS freshman. Hall said, “I love how funny she is, she can make any situation have humor.”