Erica Corzine: tractor pulling

by Hannah Reichert, Editor-in-Chief

During the summer and a couple times throughout the year, Erica Corzine and her family compete in tractor pulls in many different states. The Corzines have traveled to competitions in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Illinois, North Carolina, and Iowa, where they have won many tractor pulls.

Corzine is a junior at Meridian High School. She started to go with her family to these tractor pulls in 2012. She goes and helps her parents compete anyway she can. She states that tractor pulls are a way for her to see other family and friends. She enjoys meeting new people.

“Erica is such a good cheerleader. Even the times I know we don’t do well, she is usually the first one I see when I go back in the Toter and tells me what a great job I did. The positive reinforcement is invaluable,” said her dad, Craig Corzine, who has won the National Points Championship this year in the “Light Unlimited Class,” and the Ring, in Ohio, last year in the two wheel drive.

The Ring is a big deal, according to E. Corzine, it is at a large pull in Bulling Green, Ohio, where there is two sessions and whoever goes the combined farthest in that class gets a ring.

“She does well with just about anything she puts her mind to,” stated Corzine’s step-mother, Ashley Corzine, who has been around the sport her entire life. Last year, she won the National Farm Machine Show in the “Tool Drive Class.”

Corzine states that she wants to compete in the future if she fully understands what is going on in the motor, but is wary of the dangers that exist.