Cheer captain curious, Alex Martin


Dennis Smith

Cristian Scott, Reporter

Alexandra Martin is a junior on the cheer squad at Meridian High School. Martin is hoping for captain this year but doesn’t know if she will get the spot. “We are voting for captains next week, and I think I am ready to take over that job,” said Martin.

She was in tumbling as a child and always wanted to be on a cheer squad. Her 6th-grade year she joined the Meridian Middle School cheer squad. She has now participated in cheerleading for six years straight.

“I like to be someone that hypes up the crowd and want to be a source of school spirit.”

She loves being with her squad and has a special bond with them that hopefully will never be broken.

Martin said that her partner in crime is Ella Snow. “I love Alex, she is so nice. She is one of my best friends and she is just a positive person to be around. Her and I have been base in cheer together since 6th grade and I really just absolutely love her,” Snow said.

Snow thinks Martin will get captain this season and is excited to see what happens.

Martin said she doesn’t have her life planned yet but hopes to attend college and get a scholarship for cheer or volleyball but hopefully cheer. “I am just ready to be out of high school and actually start my life!”