Ideal Protein life with Sydney Moore

photo by Sheila Moore
Sydney Moore and her mom taking a selfie after losing 150+ pounds together.

by Madison Kirkland , Reporter

Junior, Sydney Moore, decided to start Ideal Protein over other diets because her grandmother works at one of the centers that started it in the area, and she had done it as well as Moore’s mother. Now Moore and her mother are doing it together. Moore was happy before she lost the weight, but now says, “Shopping is more fun.” Moore adds, “When I was bigger, I would go to Von Maur and [find] a lot of stuff, but they wouldn’t carry my size. Prom dress shopping used to be horrible because I would find something I really liked, and it wouldn’t fit.” Last year, Moore almost bought a size 18 prom dress, this year she bought a size four.

The goal of the Ideal Protein diet from the Vita Center for Women is to stabilize blood sugar and promote weight loss by providing your body with an optimal amount of protein. The program involves purchasing preportioned, prepackaged foods specifically formulated so they are low in carbohydrates and fat.


Sheila Moore
Sydney Moore and Claire Palmer at their 2017 homecoming. This is before Moore started Ideal Protein.


Sheila Moore
Back shots of Sydney Moore, the right picture being of her last year dress shopping for homecoming. The left picture is her now prom dress shopping after losing approximately 75 pounds.

“When we started this, I was like, ‘There is no way I’m going to be able to do this’.”

Before, she wanted to sleep a lot. Now, she feels more outgoing and energized; she wants to go on walks and do more physical activity. Moore feels healthier every day and is so proud of herself and her mom for coming such a long way.

According to Moore’s mother, the four phases of the program consist of:

Phase One: Focusing on eating dinner right–all other meals come from Vita Center (breakfast, lunch and a snack).

Phase Two: Focusing on eating lunch and dinner right–all other meals come from Vita Center (breakfast and a snack).

Phase Three: Focusing on eating breakfast, lunch and dinner right–your snack still comes from Vita.

Phase Four: Learning how to maintain your new weight without food from Vita.

When you start, you start in phase one, until you lose all the weight you’re hoping to lose. You eat breakfast, lunch, and snack on their food, and you are learning to make dinner for yourself that is healthy and you’ll like. Phase two, after you lose all your goal weight,  you just eat breakfast and snack on their food. You have already learned to cook healthy for dinner and found foods you will like, then for lunch, you just eat meat and vegetables. Phase three, you learn to make all meals yourself, healthy, and what you’ve learned to like. Phase four is maintaining. You eat healthy for five days of the week, and you get one day where you can cheat a little and eat somewhat bad, but not awful. The day after that, you eat strict again.

“No way I could’ve done this without her [my mom].”

Moore’s original goal was to get down to 130 pounds from previously being 220 pounds, but now that she has gotten down to 145 pounds, she is liking that weight. Along the months of process, her and her mom lost roughly ten pounds each every month since they started.

The costs are roughly $150-$200 a week for two people getting food and supplements for the whole week. The appointment meetings with the coach along the way are free.

“For people that have tried dieting before, I was that person. I tried so many different things,” expresses Moore.


Sheila Moore
Sydney Moore and her mom taking a selfie after losing 130+ pounds together in the last seven months.