Plethora of PERFORM participants


photo by Spencer Litteral

Take a bow! Meridian students involved in PERFORM take their bows after a performance of Seussical. Many students decide to do the program in addition to the school’s show, sometimes even at the same time. “Seussical will always hold a special place in my heart,” says Ian Carnahan.

by Sadie Scott, Editor-in-Chief

Meridian drama is an outlet for many students to be involved in theatre, but for those Meridian students who just can’t get enough of being on stage, many decide to perform in the Decatur Park District’s PERFORM program.

“It’s like family almost. You know almost everyone there and there’s always so much love. Mrs. Marie is like the mother of all of us,” says Hallie Gates, freshman. Gates has been involved in PERFORM for seven years. She says her favorite part about being a part of the program is “getting to be with friends and other people who enjoy theater as much as I do.”

Ian Carnahan is a senior, but this year’s production of Seussical was his first show since sixth grade. His debut in PERFORM happened to be the same show as his last senior performance. “I wanted to end my high school acting career how it started, and that was with Mrs. Marie.” Carnahan adds, “Seussical will always hold a special place in my heart.”

PERFORM also keeps people coming back for the bonds they make. Actors can make friends in and out of school through the program. “It’s always been really fun, and every year, you meet more new people and make new friends,” says Gates.

High schoolers aren’t the only ones involved, though. The program ranges from children in grades 1-12. Shows are chosen for people of all ages to enjoy watching and performing in. Emily Moma, a third grader, played the young sour kangaroo in the production and enjoyed “being sassy.” Moma says, “It’s fun and just one of those things I’m stuck to.”

PERFORM isn’t the only way to get involved in the arts at the Park District. In the summer, they offer a camp-like program called Best of Summer Stock, or BOSS, for short. Many Meridian students decide to take part in BOSS, as well as shorter theatre or dance classes they also offer throughout the year.