Out of state seniors


Matthew Sander

Crack up! Seniors Connor Hurelbrink and Gabe Taylor share a laugh during study hall. The two have already been accepted to the colleges they sport on their shirts.

Matthew Sander, Reporter

This upcoming fall, seniors Connor Hurelbrink and Gabe Taylor will venture outside Illinois to further their education. Hurelbrink will attend the University of Louisville, while Taylor will attend Rocky Mountain College.

“I visited Ball State, ISU, U of I, and Mizzou. I liked them all, but Louisville was number one,” states Hurelbrink.

One of the biggest factors in picking which university to attend for Hurelbrink was the energy surrounding the campus, not its location. “The campus is small, like ISU size, but it feels like a bigger atmosphere,” states Hurelbrink,”When we visited it felt like the right place.”

Taylor also found Rocky Mountain College’s small size, location, and soccer program as factors in his decision. Not to mention, the school’s proximity to Taylor’s brother was also a bonus as Tayor “will be able to see him during breaks and weekends.” While Taylor might not know what he is going to study, he still has hope he will be able to figure out what he will want to do with his life while in attendance.

Mrs. Johnson, the guidance counselor, suggests students looking at attending an out-of-state school should look at whether “they like the college, if it offers their major, [how much it] costs, and if the school offers in-state tuition waivers for out-of-state kids.”

“Make sure you can see yourself living there before you make your decision because, if you can’t see yourself living there, you probably won’t have a good time,” advises Hurelbrink.