The journalism public relations project


photo by Connor Hurelbrink

The decisions are made. The upcoming public relations projects are underway and junior Katie Adams says, “I loved last years projects so much that I wished they lasted longer!”

by Lydia Wiggins, Reporter

It’s the second semester and the journalism class continues to move forward, from the ad sales unit to the public relations project. The purpose is to communicate a goal clearly and make a lasting impression on the community. You may have noticed the billboard on highway 51 with senior football players last summer, or #HappyHawks on twitter where students could be recognized for their good deeds and receive a cute button. Both were PR projects from last year.

Many journalism students already have plans for what they are wanting to do this year. Junior Drew Snow says, “Getting everything to work out financially and being able to reach your target audience has to be the hardest part of this project.”

The journalism class already has some ideas in mind, but Snow says the method of thinking of a good project is “to look for things that aren’t usually highly viewed in the school.” Just like how last year’s football billboard was used to create more positivity for the upcoming season. “My group and I last year, we just tried to shed some light and create a more positive outlook on our football program,” says Snow.

Junior Katie Adams says, “I think my favorite public relations project was the #HappyHawks, with the buttons.” In fact, Adams loved that project so much she says, “I wish that there was another form of the Happy Hawks project going on, and I think it really spread positivity throughout the school.” Adams had received three buttons due to her positive behavior last year and wished to earn more.

Corryn Brock, a Journalism 3 student, thinks the hardest thing about the PR project is “coming up with an idea and getting the research information that you actually need for the project.” Brock also notes, “Once everything is in place it’s not as scary of a project.” Brock has been a student in Ms.Moores class for three years now and says, “The PR project makes the students not taking journalism aware of the negativity around the school, and also betters the overall environment.”