Image of excellence


Land of the free. Katie Adams works on her triceps before the powder puff game tonight. “I have a feeling were going to win, the seniors are just too confident, and they let it go to their heads.” Katie says before continuing to get jacked.

by Lydia Wiggins, Reporter

These photos represent how hard working all of our Meridian students are, and how much pride they have for their school. This homecoming week has been busy and hectic, but Meridian students still hit the books and focus on school work. Many students dressed up in very entertaining costumes for scrabble day, which is a day where you dress up as something that starts with the same letter of your name. Nobody had the same costume and everyone brought something so creative to the table. You can tell many students had a great time figuring out what to wear, and how to wear it. Today was also the day of the parade, where the classes show off their floats they worked so hard on. Meridian students and parents line up and down the roads to catch candy and enjoy the parade. The banners, fence, and floats are judged by unnamed judges, and the winner is revealed the next morning over the intercom.  In some pictures, you can see the stress radiating off the students as they hurry to finish homework and homecoming projects. In the end, everyone is just glad everything came together and the parade was a success.