Checking off the list


photo by Austin Mendenhall

United We Stand! Divided We Fall is a book that was added to the Abraham Lincoln Book List. There are tons of books to choose from this year. “It’s a good way to get students interested in reading,” says Mendenhall.

by Austin Mendenhall, Reporter

The weather is turning colder, the leaves are starting to fall, and the days are becoming shorter. It’s the perfect time of year to curl up on the couch, grab a blanket and relax. And what is better than lounging on the couch all afternoon? Lounging with a good book. But what to read?

There are so many choices of books, but fear not, there is a solution: The Abraham Lincoln Reading List. The Lincoln List is a collection of books selected by high schoolers from all over Illinois. “These aren’t books that some adult chooses. These are books that students read and enjoyed and thought other students would enjoy,” Mrs. Mckinney, the school librarian, says. “My favorites are An Ember in the Ashes and Six of Crows. They both have action and drama. The most popular one, though, has definitely been Denton Little’s Deathdate,” says McKinney.

McKinney never planned on being a librarian. “I assumed all librarians did was check out books, until I job shadowed a librarian and saw all the cool things she was doing. I love working with students, and I love books so I just combined the two passions.”

Former library aid Savannah Mendenhall, sophomore, says, “It’s a good way to get students interested in reading.” Mendenhall says she decided to become a librarian aide because, “My older sister worked in the library and got me into it.”

“I feel the Lincoln List is very successful. Last year, we’d have students come in asking for a book, but it would already be checked out, so they would have to be put on a long waiting list,” says Mendenhall.

The Lincoln List has twenty books on it, all of them chosen by Illinois students. Some have more action, while others have more humor or romance. Whatever your preference is, the Lincoln List probably has something for you. Head on down to the library and check it out.