Victoria Henson; Moving away


Victoria Henson

Aleshia Lowe, Reporter

Victoria Henson is a freshman at Meridian High School. She moved from Pennsylvania to the Meridian school district in grade seven. She is known as very outgoing, friendly, and easy to talk to.

Her dad got a promotion and it transferred the family here. The family all agreed on the decision that moving was the best option for them. Victoria says she’s used to moving so it didn’t affect her, but she does miss a lot of her old friends in Pennsylvania.

The one thing she feared coming to this school was that no one would like her or something bad would happen during the move, but it actually turns out that she gained a new friend when she got here.

Mya Merris was her first friend at Meridian and helped her feel comfortable at the school. Merris says, “She was very shy but as we started talking more she was really nice and she grew on everyone fast.”

Victoria says she likes it here but also liked it when she was in Pennsylvania, and that both places are amazing in different ways.

She thinks this school, the teachers, and the people around the school are very nice to her. That’s why it was so easy for her to make new friends here and fit in despite her fears.