Classical Courtney


Leslie Wolpert

Emma Jackson, Reporter

It’s 3:00 on a Monday after a hard day at school, and Courtney Sollman is in her room listening to classical music. Sollman says the music calms her and makes her feel good.

Sollman is a freshman at Meridian High School. Her love for listening to classical music started when she was about 12 years old. She now plays her music off a record player she got for Christmas from her parents in 2016. Sollman purchases her records from thrift stores and uses old ones that her mom had.

“She listens to music alllll the time, but classical probably a few times a week,” says her mom, Leslie Wolpert. Wolpert says she thinks Sollman likes to listen to classical music because it’s unique and definitely not something you hear on the radio.

Her step brother, Hunter Wolpert, on the other hand views Sollman’s listening to classical music a little differently. “I don’t know why [she listens to classical music], she just plays it loud though.” 

Sollman stated she mainly listens to classical music because it’s all the records she has at the moment. She hopes to add to her collection in the future.