Top notch recruiting

Top Notch Recruiting. 
Staff Sergeant poses for his new picture with the new version of the ASU uniform.

Camp Lincoln DOD

Top Notch Recruiting. Staff Sergeant poses for his new picture with the new version of the ASU uniform. "I really like the new uniforms. They look a lot better than the previous uniforms," says Justin Lutz.

Austin Durbin, Reporter

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Throughout this school year, a variety of different branches of our military has made visits to the school. These recruiters’ goal was to get new recruits for their specific branch.

One of these branches was the Illinois National Guard. Staff Sergeant Justin Lutz has been in the Illinois National Guard for 14 years. He has been deployed to Iraq in 2006-2007 and Afghanistan in 2008-2009.

“My favorite part about being a recruiter is meeting all the new kids and being able to mentor them throughout their career,” says Lutz.

Military members have their reasons for joining the military, whether it is for money, fame, or just the satisfaction of serving their country. No matter what their reasons are, they should be proud to be in the Armed Forces. Michael Osler is a Meridian senior who has joined the Illinois National Guard.

“I had no plans for the future, and free college sounds nice,” says Osler.

There is no doubt that recruiting is very important due to the future of this country’s military. Not many people would know about the military if it wasn’t for these recruiters.

“Recruiting is very important for the future of the military. Without the recruiters, there would be no military. First impressions are everything and recruiting is the best way to show first impressions to the new recruits,” says Lutz.

“It’s better to have people who volunteer than to force them with a draft,” says Osler.

So if you see recruiters at your school, respect them. They are just trying to make the Armed Forces great.

SSG Justin Lutz is a great resource for Meridian students. He is a recruiter for the Illinois National Guard: @ 217-720-4423 or


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  1. Emily Peterson on March 10th, 2017 2:19 pm

    I learned a lot about the National Guard and what they do. This article is very interesting!


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Top notch recruiting