2016 trends coming to an end?


photo by Spencer Maxwell

Dab on ’em. Meridian graduate Skyler Maxwell dabs for the camera. Maxwell doesn’t think that the dab is funny anymore. “The dab was funny at first, but it got old towards the end of the year.”

by Spencer Maxwell, Reporter

There are a wide variety of trends in 2016 that shouldn’t be in 2017 because people do not use these as frequently as they used to. Trends that are coming to an end will impact the year a lot.

The dab was the most frequently used trend by Cam Newton (Quarterback for Carolina Panthers). The trend has been slowly dying over the last few months. Cam Newton no longer uses it and since he doesn’t use it anymore, fewer people use it. Skyler Maxwell, former Meridian student says, “The dab was funny at first, but it got old towards the end of the year.”

Hit the Quan was another very successful trend in 2016, but it got old fast. Music artist, Rich Homie Quan made this dance move in one of his videos. Austin Deardorff, senior, states, “One of the worst dance moves in my opinion.” This dance move was not as popular as the dab, but it was still performed by many at Meridian’s homecoming dance.

The most successful out of all the dance moves was the whip. This dance move was made by Silento on a song called “Watch Me.” It has been around for a while but gained its popularity in 2016 along with all the other popular dance moves for last year. Riley Brelsfoard, sophomore, says, “I think that it is a dance move that has impacted 2016 a lot, but I think it has died off dramatically.”

The biggest trend of all was everyone obsessing over Harambe’s death. This was a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo who got out of his cage and was shot. Levi Keller, sophomore, states, “Harambe was a very irrelevant trend to start in the first place.” People used to make memes and post about it on social media, but it died down. People also used to make clothing in honor of his death.

All of these trends have died down, but we will see many new ones emerge in the year 2017.