What are the Odds?


photo by Lauren Duffer

Three, Two, One! Seniors Russell Carter and Carter Duffer are playing an intense game of “What are the Odds” during English last Friday. “I usually play with Carter Duffer, Shawn Stratman, Mikie Luera, and Ben VonBehren,” said Carter.

by Lauren Duffer, Reporter

Meridian High School students have been playing a game called “What are the Odds.” This game is becoming more and more prevalent throughout the halls.

What are the Odds is a game that is designed to have the loser perform a funny or embarrassing task. To start the game someone must ask “What are the odds you…” and then they can ask anything they want. After the challenger asks the question, the opponent must reply with a range of numbers to play between. Most people choose between one through ten or one through twenty. The greater the range, the less likely the opponent will have to do a random task, but ego tends to get in the way and the game is a lot more fun when the odds to do something extreme is higher.

After the person being challenged states their range, someone watching will count the two people down from three. Once they count down to one, both people say a number between that range. If they both guess the same number, the person that was challenged has to do the silly task. If they both guess one number apart, the two have to redo the countdown and guess again, and if they both guess different numbers, the game is over and no one has to do anything.

Meridian has a few students known for being really good at this game. Senior Alex Rappe states, “I’d like to think [senior] Drake Baker is the best in the school because he actually does the things if he loses.” Junior Austin Durbin has a different opinion. Durbin said, “I think Judah Renfro is the best at this game and it is always fun to watch.”

When it comes to making up the questions both Rappe and Baker are great at making funny and foolish tasks for whoever they are challenging.

This game has created some hilarious memories for the students at Meridian. Sophomore Ian Carnahan has done many crazy things, but with a positive attitude throughout it all. “Ian Carnahan had to put a chocolate ice cream bar on a sloppy joe and eat the whole thing at lunch. He also had to dump a full glass of water on his head and was wet for the rest of the day,” exclaimed Rappe.