Abby Chapman is the dancing queen


photo by Cassie Bax

by Andrea Ricker, Editor-in-Chief

Abby Chapman, a Meridian sophomore, was three years old when she lost all the reflexes in her legs due to chemotherapy. After that, she started taking dance lessons to strengthen her legs. She made the most out of what might have seemed like a downfall. Chapman attends dance classes three times a week at Tracey and Heather’s Dance Synergy in Taylorville. “I started taking dance to strengthen my legs and I fell in love with it, and I’ve been dancing ever since.”

“She puts a lot of effort and passion toward dance,” says Chapman’s friend, Lauren Bafford. She does many different styles of dance, including hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, jazz, and tumbling. She also adds that she’ll be starting pointe soon. Dance takes a lot of time, but her love for dance rules out overall. She attends a four hour class on Tuesdays, a forty-five minute class on Wednesdays, and a two and a half hour class on Thursdays. Not to mention going in on weekends and during the summer to practice.  

She’s also pretty proud of her dance studio. This summer, they went to Dupree Dance Nationals in Branson and won the entire showdown. The competition was three days long, and they were against about six other dances.  “She is the best at her dance class and works really hard,” says Ben Parks.

“[Dancing makes me feel] like I can accomplish anything. You can do anything you set your mind to.”

Dancing is a source of creativity for Chapman. She puts forth most of her creative energy into dance, and it seems to pay off well. Just ask any of her friends/family about Chapman’s dancing, and they’ll tell you that she’s dedicated and overall amazing at what she does. “It helps me to just kind of break out of my comfort zone and you never really know what to expect.”