Maggie Comerford


photo by Rob Comerford

Maggie and the Bloomington Angels.

by Kolby Powars, Staff Reporter

Maggie Comerford, a senior at Meridian, isn’t just any normal student. She partakes in a few clubs that are student council, student government, and national honor society. She is very athletic and plays volleyball, basketball, softball, and travel softball. She doesn’t have much time of her own with babysitting and playing travel softball for the Bloomington Angels.

Comerford has been playing softball for about 6 years and enjoys traveling more because she can travel with friends and it’s less pressure. She first made the decision to play travel softball in 6th grade when she knew she wanted to step up her game and become a better player. In most cases to be recruited you must play travel softball, so this decision was an easy one for her.

Comerford plans on playing softball for her first two years of college at Lincoln Land Community College. She then hopes to play for two more years after that at a university.