Top 20: Turn-offs for girls

Written by girls

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1. Bad hygiene- Seriously guys, take a shower, use some deodorant and brush your teeth.


2. Guys with long hair- If you can’t rock it, chop it!


3. Too much cologne- You don’t need to bathe in it!


4. Too cocky- You don’t need to show off all the time.


5.  Sag their pants- Pull up your pants and buy a belt!


6. Player tendencies- You don’t need to talk to multiple girls at once! One should be enough.


7. Self absorbed- There is more to the world than just you.


8. Use cheesy pick up lines- “ Are you from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only ten I see.” Seriously, just no.


9. Overprotective- There’s a difference between protective and being overprotective, learn it!


10. Immature- Act your age, not your shoe size.


11. Ugly shoes- Crocs and sandals, just no.


12. Disrespectfulness- If guys are rude to elders and your parents.


13. Clingy -We need our space, we don’t need to be together 24/7.


14. Jealousy- We don’t want to date every guy we talk to, just chill.


15. Talking about your exes- We don’t care!!!!!!!!


16. Constant touching- Stop!


17. Different around their guy friends- Just be yourself!


18. Not confident- Girls love confidence! Take a chance and just do it!


19. Being sexist- How about you make us a sandwich.


20. Chapped lips- It’s called chapstick, buy some!


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