Underneath it all

Underneath it all

photo by Amber Nicholls

When you look past the sleepy blue eyes, the boyish charm and the floppy sandy blonde hair, you will meet Cody Spain, an average 16 year old junior this year at Meridian. Cody is a very assiduous guy, a boyfriend, a student and an employee his days could never be filled with any ennui.

Any and every guy around here knows the deal, either you are a Chevy or a Ford fan. He personally is a Chevy guy, he even drives an all black Cavalier with a spoiler on the back. Pulling out of space 105 you can see him drive off from school and take a nimble right turn swiftly out of the parking lot for a quick get away from the madness, on his way to Blue Mound to get ready for his roughly “full” time job. He spends most of his days and weekends at Curtain Land Cattle where he either bales hay or deals with the animals.

“One of my favorite things to do in my free time…. is to go four wheeling!”, as Cody excitedly talks about his favorite trails and bike which is the Yamaha Raptor. He prefers not to drive a clutch because they are kind of a tricky handle. Also another thing he does in his free time  is  watch the good old Sunday football. When he can, he will sit down and get out a fresh bag of Doritos chips and cheer on the Green Bay Packers, trying not to get his nacho cheese fingers on the furniture while going crazy for his most idolized team member, Jordy Nelson (the wide receiver for the Packers). One day Cody would adore to be just like him, but the football dreams will have to take a weekend off.

Meridian’s homecoming is this weekend and he has big plans. “My girlfriend is paying for my ticket but I’m paying for our dinner, she really wants to go to Olive Garden so that’s where I’m taking her. She might not have made homecoming court, but she is still royalty to me,” says Cody as he explains his plans for the 2013 homecoming dance on Saturday. His date is the lovely Brittany Adams a sophomore at Meridian. Cody just cannot wait to put his tailored suit on and lace up his dress shoes to dance with his girlfriend, “I’m really excited to see her all dolled up for the night, if only the week can go by faster!” After the long night, just laying on the couch, putting in a movie and dozing off, curled up in blankets to The Expendables will be his way to complete his weekend. Then it’s probably back to work for him.

As Monday comes along you can see him getting out of his Cavalier in his green hoodie, walking somberly toward the new buildings doors, dreading the long morning. Hanging out over near Mr. Stielow’s room, you could pass him and not even know who he is, just an average high schooler. Heading to class he waits for the loud monotonous bell to ring so he can go to art class. This being one of his favorite classes because he gets to just spend his time not lifting a finger. Although he doesn’t have the stunning 4.0 that everyone wants, he does extremely well  and does show a lot of academic spirit. “Cody has promising potential…” said his American literature teacher Mrs. Moore, she has had him as a student for the past 2 years and can definitely see something special in him. Being a junior he is looking into college more and is considering applying to Richland Community College after he takes his A.C.T. Cody is going to miss his years at Meridian when he has graduated, “It’s going to be different to move on in life, but we all have to do it at some point, this has been my home since I can remember…” he solemnly says.

As Monday, Tuesday and every other day of the week goes by, you’ll still see him pulling in and out of space 105, that floppy, sandy brown hair and blue eyes can be seen adjacent to the lockers calling over to you, “Whats up?”