The small, meek, and powerful freshman: Audrey McConnell

The small, meek, and powerful freshman: Audrey McConnell

photo by Kayla Mathias

Audrey McConnell is a small framed, blonde haired freshman at Meridian High. Seeing her in the halls you would probably think she is shy, not outspoken and quiet. But if you ask anyone close to her, such as her boy friend, a freshman at Meridian High School, Bryce Dunn, she is, “nice, simple, and smart,” he pointed out as he talked about her.

She has a friend that has always been there for her since seventh grade. Audrey did not seem like the type to have a large group of friends. But that is okay.  Most will agree it’s better to have four quarters rather than 100 pennies. Her friend Brittany Adams has been there for her since seventh grade. The two friends “pick on each other” all the time according to Miss Adams. She said that Audrey is always there to talk to in her classes, and is a good reference to have help with homework. The girls have always helped each other out in times of need. “It is a good, lasting relationship the two girls have,” as someone whom wishes to stay anonymous commented about the girls. This really comes in handy when talking about grades.

Audrey gets good grades in school, she always has. She has received honor roll in the past. That can be a challenging thing for a freshman to accomplish with lots to overcome, including the adjustment to coming into high school.  But Audrey is a living example that it is possible to receive honor roll as a freshman. She is also athletic and up until just this year she decided to also participate in cheer.

When asked what her favorite subject in school is, she lit up. She had a smile on her face and quickly responded with, “Ms. Etnier’s Pre-Algebra! She gives us treats like on our birthdays and stuff,” and after a brief pause she continued her sentence with “She is making me apple crumble on my birthday!” According to Audrey, being a freshman is “challenging.”  There are less rules, so we get more freedom,” she proudly says with a smirk on her face. She implied that one of the down sides was more homework. Homework doesn’t faze Audrey; even though her step dad is constantly on her at home about grades.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” is a quote from Kelly Clarkson that Miss McConnell lives by.

Her advice to anyone coming to Meridian High School is, “try to find your ‘clique’ and don’t get into drama” she says strongly.

Watching a good horror film is always fun for Audrey. she loves the adrenaline rush from not knowing what is about to happen next. But Miss McConnell does not have a “favorite” film.

Her number one role model is Selena Gomez. “She is Strong and independent, and I love her music!” Audrey commented fiercely and if she could have lunch with anyone famous, dead or alive, she said she would choose Selena Gomez without a doubt.

If you were to cross paths with Audrey in ten years, you will hopefully find her in the heart of Florida with a husband and kids living happily.

 Anyone can talk with Audrey and feel at ease; simply because she is so easy to talk to. And remember, she is not outspoken, shy or quiet… once you get to know her. Do not let the looks of this fierce freshman intimidate you by any means. Miss McConnell is just a nice, simple, and smart girl waiting for her big shot in this world.