The second Spain man

The second Spain man

A freshman by the name of John Spain was born on May 24th, 1999, making him fourteen years old to date. John is someone you could call a city boy, but he loves being out in the country because there is so much space to run free and do whatever he pleases.

Whether it be shooting bows or guns, he doesn’t have to worry about “disturbing the peace.” Just like his older brother Cody (16) he likes to ride four-wheelers, and due to them living in Blue Mound, they have tons of space to ride around and be the typical “riding tough” kind of guys. John likes to go up to trails with friends and his family to ride when they can, especially during the summer time. He can shoot guns if he wants to, also he can be as loud as he wants, just things that are usually frowned upon within the city limits. So the country boys do have an advantage when it comes to freedom. When school comes around and as it gets closer to winter, usually the bikes are put up and shop is closed till next riding season. In the meantime he gets to spend some time with a lucky lady that he gets to call his girlfriend, miss Kendra Merris.

They have been happily together for a year and a half, which is very unlikely for a middle school relationship. But this couple has beat the phases and cliches, and may the odds forever be in their favor. Together they like to shoot bows, bake delicious treats, watch movies and be an all around cute couple. They do try to spend as much time together as possible without school getting in the way.

John says he enjoys being a freshman because he has the next 4 years to look forward to, and has that time to have fun compared to “being a senior and only having one more year left.” He even has time to work for two farms in Blue Mound, and that seems very taboo for a teenage boy, but he is able to manage it well enough.

John currently works for two farmers located in Blue Mound, Illinois, those would be Pistorius Farms and Luka Farms. He enjoys working there because he gets the opportunity to drive the equipment and see the countryside. Unlike other people who may not be fond of their jobs (like fast food) he in fact loves going to work. Despite the tough work that comes his way and how time consuming it is, which takes away from having a social life, he appreciates what he is doing. When he  does get time off of work, he likes to spend it with his best guy friend, Blake Luka. They even watch movies together.

One of his favorite movies is a war film that dramatizes the battle of La Drang in 1965, We were Soldiers. While enjoying this movie, John likes to chow down on some country style ribs. Along with these fun activities he loves to mess around with motor vehicles, this ranges from driving, fixing, looking, cleaning, and just really feeling relaxed around vehicles.

You could call John Spain a city boy in a country boy’s body, but you can still call him John Spain.