Memories are the spark in life

Memories are the spark in life

photo by Carly Goodman

Jayson Goodbred is not an ordinary 14 year old boy. If you take a good look, you will see a freshman boy with a passion for video games and the happiness to be around his friends. However, if you take even a better look, you will see that something is missing. Jayson has a secret, a secret that he is willing to share! Something that a little boy should not have to live with being so young, as well as anyone else who has gone through some of things that Jayson has gone through.

The meaning of mom is someone who is loving, supple, strong and caring. A mother is someone who is always there through the good times and the bad, through thick and thin. Most importantly though a mom is someone who pushes through no matter how hard times get, never giving up and fighting until the end. Everyone loves their mom- especially Jayson Goodbred. Although he can’t physically see or talk to his mom, he knows that all those qualities apply to her.

“I was three years old when my mom passed of breast cancer.  I know I was small and don’t remember some things, but I know she was the best mom.” Jayson says smiling when talking about her. Growing up people would tell Jayson and his brothers about what a great person she was!  So artistic in everything she did. She was an incredible person and loved being around her family. Jayson and his family lived in Pekin, a small town in between Bloomington and Peoria.  A while after his mom passed away from cancer, their house was destroyed in a fire, it was devastating.  They had to live in a hotel for awhile. Through all of the tragedy his dad found strength and continued on with life. He met a woman and decided to get a new start in his life. “Robin is like a mom to me.  She’s been there since I was small.”

Jayson keeps a picture of his mom in his room and is waiting for his dad to put it up.  Every now and then the Goodbred family will make a trip to their wonderful mother’s grave and talk to her. Jayson claims, “If there was one thing I would say to my mom right now, I would tell her that I love her and that I miss her. I would also thank her for being so caring. I know she is in Heaven looking down.”

After the fire, the family packed what they had left of their things and moved into a hotel to stay for a while. A few years after that their grandmother (their mom’s mom) had a severe stroke and now has no movement in one half of her body. Jayson and his brother Jacob agree that their grandma is the closest thing left they have to their mom. The best memory that Jayson and his brother always love talking about is when their mom went to the zoo and a camel spit right in her face!  The memory of Jayson’s mom keeps her alive in him. She is gone, but most definitely not forgotten in the Goodbred family. Their family memories will always keep a spark of remembrance.