Just Hold On

Just Hold On

The wind blows faintly as she rides through the timber, the sky is made up of an array of colors as she looks into the sunset on a hot summer evening in Macon, Illinois. Holding on tightly Skyler Maxwell glides through the summer air on her horse Dutchess, as far away as she can, to her only escape from reality which is her way of releasing all of the everyday stresses. Being very shy and quiet in school, Skyler has a way to let go of things through riding her horse. Dutchess is stored at Skyler’s stepmother’s house in the backwoods of Macon. Being a typical busy high school student, Skyler has a hard time trying to balance homework and riding during the school year, so the time she spends with her horse is during the summer. Her step mom and aunt taught her how to ride, but the love and passion for the sport created a whole other world on its own. Skyler has never thought about competing in shows or anything like that because she just doesn’t have any interest. She would rather ride for her own pleasure and on her own time. When asked what advice to give to young riders, Skyler says, “Just hold on.”

 During the school year in any free time she has, Skyler enjoys going on walks and watching television just like any typical teenager. However Skyler has yet another interesting passion. She loves to fish. She fishes on either Pana or Taylorville lake. She usually goes fishing with her uncle and a lot of times her siblings will tag along also. They fish both on land and in a fishing boat. They go on the weekends and a lot in the summer. When she was asked what type of fish she usually tries to catch, she replied, “big ones.”

Skyler is a sophomore and gets the lucky pleasure of being in high school with her older brother Kinser, who is a junior. Everybody knows he gives her a pretty hard time and usually don’t see them associating in school. Maybe that’s because they never see each other. When Kinser was asked about his sister he replied, “She’s really quiet and shy during school.” When Skyler was asked if she enjoys being in school with her brother she replied, “no because he always makes fun of me and picks on me.”

Skyler also has three other siblings besides Kinser. Spencer (12), and also two step-siblings Morgan (18) and Zaine (8). Skyler’s role model is her mother because, “She’s just a really good person.”

Something that makes Skyler very happy is her boyfriend Caleb True.  They are in a long term relationship for a high school couple. They have been together one year and four months and are extremely happy together. They usually hang out about once a week and the typical hang out spot is Skyler’s mom’s house. The main qualities Skyler loves about Caleb is the typical things a nice guy should have “smart, funny, and very sweet,”  she replied honestly. When she was asked the sweetest thing Caleb ever did for her, she said, “Well, I can’t think of anything, but he is just always there for me.” When Caleb was asked to sum up Skyler in a few words, he said, “she is crazy, fun, awkward, and cute all at the same time.” He said, “She is crazy because she just says the weirdest and random things.” Caleb also stated that the reason for him saying she’s awkward is because, “She’s really shy around other people, that aren’t me.”

Many people have very positive things to say about Skyler. Abby Dalke said, “she’s just a really sweet and nice person.” He sees that the perfect place for her though is with her horse, where she isn’t shy about anything.

Going up to the pasture during the summer time you will find her at her most vulnerable state, where you can see her soul really come out.