How fast can you read?

How fast can you read?

photo by Hayden Morrow

Jacob Hill is a junior at Meridian High School. With a passion for literature and school he strives to be the best he can be academically and personally.

He adores reading action stories and is good friends with the librarian, Mrs. McKinney. His favorite class at Meridian High School is Mythology, which ironically Mrs. McKinney teaches. Although he does not participate in any sports or clubs, he does have a rather impressive hobby. “He is a fast reader, I’m not kidding you! He has read a book in one night before,’’ Mrs. McKinney replied, when asked if it was true that Jacob could accomplish such a task. Jacob returned with a casual, “oh yeah, it’s not hard to do…’’ regarding it as a normal everyday thing.  Jacob’s special talent is that he can read very expeditiously. He is currently reading The Escape From Furnace book series by Alexander Gordon Smith which includes the books: The Night Children, Lockdown, Solitary, Death Sentence, Fugitives, Execution, and Epilogue. His all time favorite book in the series is Execution. He is an outstanding reader and will read every chance he gets. He will read in class even though most of the time he is not supposed to be. Every day before school you can find him in the library talking to the librarian and spending time with his friends. You better believe he has his book with him as well. Surprisingly he does not read any books from the time era of his favorite music.

Taking an interesting trip back in time he listens to his favorite music which is from the vintage 30’s- 50’s era, and located there is his favorite band, the Ink Spots, a blues/jazz group. The band came together in the 1930’s and came out with over 30 songs that hit the U.S. pop charts. Other than reading or listening to music, he will sit down with a controller connected to his play station and crank out some games during his free time. Jacob makes a lot of time for himself  because he is always on top of his school work.

He takes pride in getting his work done early, and making his mother proud. “He tries to get his homework done fast, he really takes pride in that and it makes his mom proud,’’ Mrs. McKinney stresses. He has been to seven different schools including Tolono Unity which is not too far from Meridian High School. He also relocated to Ohio at one point.  Despite these moves he still keeps up with all of his grades, regardless of the situation. “We moved around a lot, but me and my family are settling down here,” he explains. Other than all of these moves he has had more paramount events happen in his life.

What most people don’t know is that he has had some severe medical issues. He has had surgery three times on his back which was probably the hardest to recover from. He had a hole in his kidney, a tethered spinal cord, and his digestive system wasn’t operating properly. Besides all of these scaring memories, he is still a strong unique man. Living day by day, enjoying life as it is.

He doesn’t let anything get in the way of his school, or personal goals. He is the perfect example of a well-rounded kid.